Blog Posts I’m Loving #2


I love to share what I’m reading in the fashion/beauty blogosphere, so here are my favorite 10 blog posts of the moment!

  1.  Easy DIY Graffiti Dress   -This post is from I think this graffiti dress is cool, and I would love to make one myself. DIY projects are fun, especially because you can create something that no one else has, for a relatively cheap price.
  2. Mascara Wands An Education -This article is from There are so many mascara wand choices out there, and it can get a little confusing to me. This article talks about the different types of wands, and which ones are best for which results.
  3. 32 Makeup Tips Nobody Told You -This article is from I love makeup tips that make my life easier. Although I already knew a few from this post, the ones I didn’t were pure genius.
  4. Fashion Tips To Make You Look Taller  -This post is from While I’m not the shortest person in the world, I still would love to look taller. Here are some helpful tips to achieving a longer, leaner line.
  5. My Favorite Elf Products  -This article is from Now, I have a love-hate relationship with ELF products. I have some that I like, some I don’t, and a couple I use every day. This blogger talks about her 10 favorites.
  6. DIY Sequin Shirt  -This post is from I have a strong desire to have a sequined shirt, but I have been struggling to find one that I like. This tutorial gives a DIY for making one. Now, you can do this as it says, or you can take a shirt that’s already made and apply the sequins and she instructs.
  7. 11 Secrets To Finding The Perfect Perfume -This article is from I love perfume, and I am always on the lookout for the “one,” which I have yet to find. This post gives tips on finding that elusive perfume.
  8. 101 Fashion Tricks Every Girl Should Know -Here is another post from This list has a bunch of great tips on fashion and beauty. Some I loved, some I liked, and some I already knew. It’s definitely worth taking a look at.
  9. The Perfect Fashion Tips For 20 Somethings -This article is from Now, this article is perfect for me. I have been struggling on walking the line between adolescent girl and adult woman, as I don’t want to look like I’m from high school, and I don’t want to look too old. This article has great ideas on how to manage this fine balance.
  10. How To Get The Most Out Of Your Foundation -This post is from While this website is more about couponing, it has the occasional awesome article on fashion and beauty. I’m excited to stop by the MAC counter and see if I can find a foundation that works for me (lately I’ve been struggling to find a foundation that works well with my pale, cool, freckled complexion).
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