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Summer 2014 Empties -Part 2


I didn’t think I would use up more products before the end of summer, but I thought wrong! There’s just something awesome about using up a product, and know I got my full money’s worth. :) Now, that I’m about to head onto the road, I don’t want to keep these empty containers around. So, here’s my latest empties post!

1.   L’Oreal RevitaLift Intensive Overnight Mask Sample –This sample was included in my September 2014 edition of InStyle Magazine. I decided to try it out and see how I liked it. It spread evenly, and soaked into my skin well, which I did like. This fragrance was nice, although a bit strong. In the four days that I used it on my face at night, I did see a difference. My skin was softer, and a little firmer. I wouldn’t say that I had amazing results, but it didn’t break my skin out into a rash, which is a big plus. Would I buy this? Probably not, as it costs $20 at Walmart for a 1.7 ounce container. That’s a bit too expensive for my price range, and not quite worth it.

2.   Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner –This stuff has really helped protect my hair after highlighting it. I wouldn’t say  this stuff is a miracle worker as they claim on the back –in fact, I’d say it’s a standard leave-in conditioner. If you’ve tried the Suave for Kids detangling conditioner, it works just like that, but with a more grown-up fragrance. That said, it did what it was supposed, and at $3, it’s not a bad deal. I probably will try a different hair product in the future, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I came back to Hair Insurance at a later date.

3.   Coconut Oil –For most of the summer, I used unrefined coconut oil as my night-time moisturizer. It did keep my skin super soft, though I had mixed feelings about this stuff. On the internet, people rave about coconut oil, as if it is the Holy Grail of skincare. As for me, I just didn’t have those results. I found that it was super greasy, and didn’t really want to soak onto my skin. It just sat on top for the most part, which was annoying. I also found that it did nothing to help the fine lines on forehead, when the most basic of moisturizers tend to help a little. And, I started to develop a breakout from it, which was disappointing. That said, I was probably using too much, and I probably have some sort of skin allergy to coconut oil. It didn’t work for me, but I’m sure it works great for others.

4.   Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit –This is the first time that I tried wax strips. Before, I’ve used the wax that you spread onto your face and wait for it to harden. A lot of people told me that these don’t work, but they worked great for me! In fact, I had to be a little gentler than normal, to make sure that I wasn’t ripping skin along with the hair! It was nice to not use as much brute force in wax. They were easy to use –just rub between hands, apply, and rip. They were also a lot easier to dispose of. Will I repurchase? Yes, most definitely.

5.   Clinique Super Balanced Makeup –This foundation was just awesome, and I was so sad when it finally ran out. It was the perfect color (Petal), and I loved it. Granted, I liked the texture and consistency a lot better in Idaho, where it’s dryer, than here in Texas. For some reason, my products become thicker in humid weather. Why that is, I don’t know. That said, it still is amazing, even here in Houston. Sadly, it’s just not in my budget right now, so I purchased the equivalent color in the L’Oreal True Match (N2). Will I repurchase? Maybe later down the road when I have more money. Do I recommend this foundation? Yes, absolutely.

6.   Bath and Body Works Fragrance Mist in Cashmere Glow –This is the second of 3 mini perfume bottles that I have used up. I still love the smell –it’s warm and cuddly. It does work better for the fall and winter months, but if I don’t spray it too heavily, it works during the rest of the year too. I love these mini bottles, and I don’t think I’ll purchase a full-size bottle from BBW ever again. I just love trying out new fragrances way too much! It is a lovely scent, though, and if I were more of a one perfume kind of gal, I would repurchase.

7.   Stridex Maximum Strength Pads –These were my husband’s, but I slowly took over using them. :) They are a typical salicylic acid acne product, and they seem to work well. I didn’t experience any skin care wonders with Stridex, but they got the job done. Would I repurchase? Probably not. They’re $10 a package, which is a bit much for me. Ben did get them from his mom’s stash of bath, body, and skincare products, so it technically was free.

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7 Things I’m Grateful For -#27

7 Things I'm Grateful For -#27


“The things we truly love stay with us always, locked in our hearts as long as life remains.” -Josephine Baker

1.    Jean Skirt –It is so exciting to me that I am finally able to fit back into my favorite jean skirt! It looks a little different than this one –it’s a lighter color denim, and has a much bigger flare to the bottom. In fact, it’s an a-line jean skirt, which is the typical cut for denim skits. I also love the frayed hemline at the bottom –although, I may be adding a layer of lace to the bottom sometime in the future. It’s so fun to wear, though!

2.   Swimming –We went swimming five days this past week, and it has been so much fun. I love the feel of the water swirling around me. And at night, the pool light reflects off the blue paint on the pool bottom, turning the water into a mermaid lair. It’s a beautiful sight. :) I’m going to miss having a pool just outside when I go back to Idaho.

3.   Writing Buddies –On Tuesday, I went to Subway with an awesome friend of mine, April Steed. We ate sandwiches and discussed our books. She was a really great help in steering me in the right direction with my plot. I have been stuck on editing Cry of the Amazon, as I’ve never really done the process before (for fiction, anyway). Although this is my third attempt at this book, it is my first novel length draft. Also, I pretty much would just rewrite a new draft without even looking at the old one. April gave me some great tips on how to use Scrivener for editing. I am really excited to start editing my novel, and hope that it will be in much better shape this time around! And though I am going back to Idaho, April and I are going to stay writing buddies, and chat via Skype. :)

4.   Tights –So I have been to Kroger like a thousand times this summer, and I just noticed a wall of brightly colored, opague tights. Most likely, this is because Texas is super hot and humid, and I have no reason to wear tights here. But when I saw lovely colors such a mint green and royal purple, I know I just had to get them for when I get back to Idaho. So, I did! I got three pairs of tights –mint, purple, and a bright blue. I’ll post about them when I first wear them!

5.   Grapes –Ben and I went to Kroger, and noticed that some green grapes were on sale for $.88 a pound. What a steal! A really good sale price for grapes is $1.00/pound. So, of course, we grabbed three bags. And we plan to snag some more for our upcoming road trip! Grapes are one of my favorite fruits –they are delicious, sweet, and healthy, and I just love their bite size portions. :)

6.   Just Peachy Lipstick –Wow, I sure say I’m thankful for lipstick a lot. In fact, I think the past four or five gratitude posts have included some form of lipstick. Well, what can I say? I love lipstick! On Monday, I posted about Four New Lipsticks from Wet ‘N Wild, including this peach lipstick. I really think it is the perfect natural color for me, and I wore it almost every day this past week. It’s a gorgeous color, but still subtle.

7.   37 Pounds Lost –I totally didn’t think that I would lose any more weight, but apparently my body is still losing. And since that is the case, I might as well continue with my final weight loss goal. I would like to lose 13 more pounds by Thanksgiving. It’s been so great losing all this weight. I feel healthier, have more energy, and spend a lot less time criticizing myself. Life is good. :)

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Casual Wear On A Steamy Saturday


Here is my outift post for the week! I wanted to wear something compatible with the Texas heat, so I went with my blue patterned t-shirt, and jean skirt, and a pair of flats. It’s comfy, but it still looks cute, which I like. Today was one of  those days where I looked at my outfit, and realized that every single item happened to be a gift! The jean skirt and the t-shirt came from Patty, my mom-in-law, and my flats were given to me as part of my bridesmaid outfit for my sister Kelly’s wedding. :) And my pearl set, complete with earrings, bracelet and necklace were an anniversary gift from Ben!

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Black Flats – $14.99, Kmart (gift)
  • Rewind Flared Jean Skirt -$3 at Santa Barbara thrift store (gift)
  • Blue and White Graphic T-Shirt -$2 at Walmart (gift)
  • Pearl Jewelry Set -$26 at Walmart (gift)

And, that’s about it for this week. I just wanted to share my modest outfit, and show that casual wear doesn’t have to be sloppy. :) And, wow! I’m just so happy with losing 35 pounds! I think I’m going to stay at this weight, and work on weight training to add a little more tone. Life is good!


How Do I Feel About Modesty?




During this past summer, I have had the opportunity to spend time with three cute little boys. As I have interacted with them, I found myself thinking a lot about how I want to teach my own future sons. I want to protect them and help them grow into young men strong in the gospel of Christ. I want my sons to be able to understand the importance of modesty. That said, I do not want them to grow up thinking that they have no agency, no control over their own feelings, thoughts, and actions, especially when it comes to intimacy. I do not want them to feel that they can shirk their own personal responsibility onto the girls they choose to date either. Oftentimes, modesty is taught -not in church doctrine, but on a local level -as a way for women to hide their physical attractiveness. It is also often taught that girls need to be modest because boys cannot control themselves or their thoughts. In many ways, this seems to be missing the point of modesty entirely. I think it is time that we remember that modesty is first and foremost a way of coming back to God, and second, a way of moderating human behavior.

Modesty – (noun) 

  1. freedom from conceit or vanity
  2. propriety in dress, speech, or conduct

Now, on to the main event: 

How Do I Feel About Modesty?

I think it’s a beautiful principle that helps bring me to closer to Christ. It reminds me that the worldly, material things of this life dissolve into nothing in the face of eternity. It reminds me that I am more than my body, and my intellect, my spirituality, talents, and personality are worth more than the evaluations of others. And it’s somewhat liberating not to live up to the expectation that I should fulfill the sexual fantasies of men I’ve never even met. I am more than a sex object. I am a woman with limitless worth and potential.

Modesty is a principle that is both necessary and edifying. It does help us to remain pure so that we can enjoy the peace that comes from living in righteousness. It is also a form a respect for each other -to say that we believe in being our “brother’s keeper.” I do not wish to argue that modesty should be done away with. If anything, modesty, and a better understanding of modesty, needs to be increased.

Modesty is not designed to cover up our “dirtiness.” It is meant to cover up that which is sacred. I believe that God gave sexuality as a gift to men and women. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Yes, I believe it should be utilized within the sanctity of marriage. Yes, I believe we should behave with modesty and chastity. A big portion of this burden does fall on the shoulders of women. That said, a big portion also falls on the shoulders of men. Just as women should do all they can to help men live in righteousness, this is also true in reverse. Women deserve to be more than moral indicators for men. And if women have sexual feelings too, surely men should act as their “sister’s keeper” as well. Modesty is for women and men.

Now, let’s talk about the modesty of men. If this concept of being responsible, of being our brother’s keeper, is sound and truthful, what about how men dress and behave? Perhaps I am an oddity among women, but I am visually stimulated and aroused by men. A man without his shirt on, or other “provocative” clothing does indeed give me issues. Because this is not “typical”, because men are the ones hard-wired for sex, does that mean something is wrong with me? Does it? I find it hard to believe that God meant for women to suffer through sex within marriage, and never enjoy the same passions as men. I find it hard to believe that men are the only ones who struggle with keeping their thoughts pure. The Church teaches that modesty is for both men and women, and so we should talk about it in this context as well. 

Another reason why I hate this version of teaching modesty, is that it is degrading to men. I hate the stereotypical, dumb caveman depiction so prevalent in our current culture. I believe that there is modesty, strength, chastity, and valor accessible to mankind. Treating men like weak, passive victims will not help them reach their potential. If you teach a young boy that he is base and incapable of self-control, you may just create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Am I advocating that women walk around naked? No, of course not. I’m not even advocating a change in modest dress codes for women. But I strongly feel that the way we talk about modesty and sexuality to women –and men –needs to change. 

So, how do I feel about modesty? I think it is one of the most beautiful tenets of my faith, and throughout the Christian world. I also think that it is not an appropriate reason to shame women, and to excuse men from their own actions. I think that modesty was meant to bring me closer to Christ, and to remind me of my eternal plan and purpose. Modesty helps me focus on the path to discipleship. And this is the way that it should be taught.

(Edited 8/31/2014 for Clarity)





My Teal Dress -Last Seen At Linda’s Wedding!

I realized that I didn’t post pictures of the teal dress that I wore for Linda’s wedding! So, here is the lovely dress that I found in my Kroger Haul! I really loved this dress. It was beautiful, and very flattering. And of course, flattering is always good in my book!

Linda's wedding

This picture was taken my super awesome husband, Ben! I love him to pieces. :)

This shot is a bit in the shadows, but you can see how cute my dress is! I really liked how my blue heels looked with the dress as well. So, what I did with this dress, was sew a black ribbon to the hem so as to make it longer. I did a pretty good job, if I say so myself. :) I thought the dress was super cute, but I did run into modest issues with the wind. Next time, I’ll wear a slip, and some tights.

My Outfit Deconstructed:

  • Dress: RB Collection Retro Dress, $15 at Kroger (discounted from $35)
  • Earrings: Dangling Blue Chandelier Earrings, $5 at Kroger
  • Necklace: Metaphor Simulated Sapphire Necklace, $29.99 at Sears, Christmas gift from Mom and Dad
  • Shoes: Attention Heels in Faux Suede Blue, $19.98 at Kmart, Christmas gift from Mom and Dad
  • Purse: Black box purse with Zebra ribbon, $4 at DI Thrift Store

Linda's wedding 2

Again, this picture was taking my amazing husband!


And, here’s a picture of the dress with a little better lighting. I find myself standing in the shadows, just so I don’t get blinded by the sun! I have such sensitive eyes… I’m next to Lizzy, one of my cool sister-in-laws. Well, my brother-in-law’s wife, but anyhow. Describing relations can get fuzzy really fast. Aren’t the Manti temple grounds lovely? I think the flowers are beautiful!

And, I decided to share some of the beauty surrounding us at the Manti temple!


Picture taken by me.

These are some more of the lovely flowers on the grounds. The colors are just vivid!


Picture taken by me.

And here’s a shot of the Manti temple, from a less obvious angle.

I hope you liked my post! I love being able to share modest fashion. :)


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