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Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish: Red, Steady Go!


I have reviewed 3 shades of Rimmel 60 Second nail polish in the past, and loved all of my previous shades. I love how this nail polish really does dry fast, and doesn’t need 20 coats to be opaque. The color I decided to grab is called Red Steady Go. It’s a fun, classic red shade of nail polish. I just love it! In this picture, I’m only wearing one coat, with no base or top coat. I like that I can paint my nails under 5 minutes, and have my nails come out actually looking nice! It costs $1.50 at Walmart, although I got it for $.50 with a coupon.  It’s a mini nail polish bottle, and only is only .27 ounces instead of the typical size .4 ounces. I actually like that aspect of this nail polish though –I really struggle to get through a whole bottle without it drying up and clumping on me.  All in all, I think this was a really good purchase, and I won’t be surprised if I ended up reaching for another bottle of Red Steady Go once it runs out! :)


Khan Academy -Taking Math Courses Online -For Free!

khan 2


I love Math. But it’s been a while since I’ve taken any advanced math classes (and no, Math for the Real World doesn’t count). But, it’s not like I wanted to pull out a textbook and try to teach myself. Thankfully, I learned about a fantastic website –it’s called Khan Academy!




I was eating lunch with an awesome writing buddy of mine, when she told me about Khan Academy. Her nephew is a year ahead in math, just from using this website during the summer. I can see why, too. It has a fun way of learning math –complete with videos, badges, and step by step hints.  Khan Academy provides math from a kindergarten level, to college courses such as Multivariable Calculus. This is super exciting to me! Khan Academy doesn’t just cover math either- it has science classes such as physics and chemistry, as well as humanities courses, and even a programming course. I really love this website. I spent well over 2 hours today on math, and it passed by so quickly! If you love math and want to refresh your skills, or to learn from another subject, I would definitely suggest it! Because Khan Academy is just fantastic!



Go ahead and check out Khan Academy! You know you want to. :)


Autumn Equinox –Fall Has Officially Started!

This picture was taken by my husband Ben Buchmiller fall 2008 in Palmyra, New York. This picture is used with his permission. Please do not use this image without written consent.

This picture was taken by my husband Ben Buchmiller fall 2008 in Palmyra, New York. This picture is used with his permission. Please do not use this image without written consent.

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I love seeing the trees transform into colorful collages, and feel the wind on my face. I love being able to cozy up, and enjoy this fun time of year. And well, fall colors look great with my red hair! I realized that today is the Autumn Equinox, marking the first day of fall. Boy, was I excited! I plan on having a fall-filled night tonight!

So, here are some fun activities to bring in the autumn spirit into your life.

If you like meditation music, the album Fall Meditation by Bellaudia. It has the sounds of winds, leaves hitting the ground, and wind chimes. I love it! (You can listen to it on Spotify.)

Break out your autumn colors! Pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, eggplant, dusty brown, cream, forest green… all of these colors are great for celebrating fall!

Fall desserts are another fun way to celebrate. Some of my personal favorites are pumpkin bread, apple pie, pecan pie, caramel apples, sugar cookies in leaf shapes, and spiced cheesecake. And of course, it’s finally time to break out the hot chocolate!

Of course, non-sweet fall treats are great too! I love roasted corn, non-candied yams, and anything with squash. :) Here in Idaho, it’s also potato harvest time, so lots of mashed, diced and baked potatoes will make their way into my dinner prep.

Apple orchards are open, if you want to try picking your own, and maybe even canning. I’ve had fun with this already! Also, it’s a great time of year to start volunteer work, and participating in food drives.

If you have a wax melt warmer, break out the fall scents like pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, and balsam fir. Candles are wonderful too. :)

However you decide to welcome in fall, be sure to make it lots of fun!


Jesus Christ: A Man of Sorrows

This picture is used courtesy of, and is used in alignment with their copyright standards.

This picture is used courtesy of, and is used in alignment with their copyright standards.

Today, I really want to talk about my Savior. He has blessed my life in so many ways. I am absolutely terrified to post this, but it is something dear to my heart.

A little over two years ago, I was depressed. Really depressed. So depressed that I ended up in the psychiatric unit of the hospital, on suicide watch. It was a really hard time for me, to make an understatement. I believed in my Savior, and I felt so ashamed for even struggling with depression. I was convinced that God was disgusted with my weakness, and that all He saw was a wretch devoid of faith. I was also worried that everyone else was judging me harshly as well. Surely a better disciple of Christ would feel happy every moment of every day, and never struggle with mental illness.

But my Savior helped me during that dark time. I didn’t feel a sense of chastisement. Instead, I felt His grace, and His loving peace surround me. I knew that He understood my pain. And I felt His love through the many people who acted as His disciples. Friends from my ward, or local church group, came to visit me. Among those, my dearest, sweetest, best friend -my husband -was absolutely devoted in calling me and visiting me. He was such a strength to me at that time! Also, the people working around me were kind and understanding. Instead of being surrounded by harsh words, I found myself in a safe place.

One of the days that I was in the depression center, I felt really low. But as I sat in my chair drawing in a picture of a rainbow and a lighthouse, I gained a much greater understanding of my Savior. You see, my Savior is the light and life of the world. Even when I feel lost in the darkness of this world, His light can reach me. His light can save me. And just as just as He guided Noah through tumultuous waters, so He will guide me. I felt His love surround me, and I felt my heart filled with the same peace that stilled the waters of Galilea. I knew in that moment, that my Savior was real, that He understood me, and that He would not let me drown.

As I pondered more that week, I reminded of just who my Savior was. He was not a man who lived a carefree life, filled with smiles and fun. According to Isaiah, “He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.” Christ suffered all of the pains, and sins and grief of the entire human race -including mine! (Isaiah 53:3) He understood my pain, my depression. He did not leave me alone to suffer either. He held my hand, and brought me to safer ground.

As Christians, we are not just called to smile with those who smile. We are also called to “mourn with those who mourn.” And for those wonderful, blessed souls who did not give up on me –that helped to lift me up –thank you. Through your actions, you were the hands of Christ, strengthening me, and healing me. (Especially you, Ben).

For some, conversion happens in an instant. For others, it takes a lifetime. I fall in the latter category. But I would not give up my small moments with my Savior for anything. I do know that my Savior lives, and I know that He will help me through any trial (whether big or small). And I know that He will help you.

If you have a moment –or many, many moments –where you feel lost, depressed, or hopeless, please know there is hope. I have experienced Christ’s everlasting love for myself. I know that if He loved me enough to help me, that He will surely do the same for you.

This beautiful video has touched me so much, and I hope that it will touch your heart as well. It is about the everlasting love of Jesus Christ. #BecauseOfHim


Natural Cleaners


I have been wanting to make natural cleaners for a while, and finally got around to it! Cleaning has been a chore as of late, because every time I use traditional cleaners, I feel really sick and lightheaded afterwards. I wanted something that would be gentler on my senses, but still get the job done. So, I turned to 3 cleaner “recipes” that I found on the internet, and adapted them to my own personal needs. And since I know several people that would be interested in this sort of thing, I decided to share it!

*These recipes are made using a 16 ounce spray bottle. You may need to double or triple the recipe depending on the size of your spray bottle. I found my spray bottles at Walmart in the ironing section.

Glass Cleaner

  • About 1 cup water
  • About 1 cup vinegar
  • About 20 drops of grapefruit essential oil
  • About 20 drops of bergamot essential oil

Santizer Spray

  • About 1 cup water
  • About 1 cup rubbing alcohol
  • About 40 drops “On-Guard” or “4 Thieves” or “Medieval Mix” essential oil

All-Purpose Spray

  • About 1/3 cup Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap
  • About 1 2/3 cup water

I have used all three, and have been immensely pleased with the results. I would like to warn about the glass cleaner though –at first, it looks like your mirror or window is covered in oil. But, if you let it dry on its own (after scrubbing any wayward spots of course), it will dry to a beautiful, clear surface. So don’t freak out when you use it! The all-purpose spray is probably my favorite, as it is really good at removing spots of gunk on my counters. And the sanitizer spray is really nice too. You could make it without the rubbing alcohol, but the Western side of my brain just can’t handle it. And really, if rubbing alcohol is used to clean wounds, why won’t it de-germ my counters? But, all in all, these smell better, work well, and leave me feeling happy and healthy.

Let me know if you try any of these cleaners out!


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